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Communication strategies are created by organizations on the basis of developing successful communications with internal and external audience, as part of improving the corporate image and achieving strategic goals. The Arab Marketing & PR Summit will highlight the best regional and international new experiences, innovative insights, ideas, practices and the radical changes in marketing, public relations, communications, advertising and media technologies within the region. There has been a move from a traditional to a modern way that utilizes new tools and developments in marketing and public relations industry and opportunities of improvement to keep pace with the change.

The main keynote speeches and panel discussions of the summit will be conducted by regional and international professionals from around the world to communicate and discuss the latest marketing and public relations trends in the global marketing world, and to speak about consumer behavior in different cultures in Arab countries and the Middle East. The summit covers a wide range of topics that influence business decisions. This Three day Summit is going to deal with examples of the best campaigns and good practices adopted by successful brands around the world.