Eman Othman – Category Manager at Americana Group

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Eman Othman is a marketing expert with 10 years of experience in designing marketing campaigns, research studies and branding projects in education, communication, Finance, FMCG and other industries. She keeps abreast of the industry new trends and platforms and provides profound feedback to continue developing her work. Currently, she is a Category Manager at Americana Group for juice and milk. Prior to this role, she led the marketing department at Amlak mortgage finance and created the first segmented product portfolio in the mortgage industry in Egypt. Eman was part of the team that delivered consultations to the development of Abu Dhabi city image project with Logic Management Consulting. She also developed a holistic corporate internal communication plan during the first phase of launching Vodafone cash as a new payment method in the Egyptian market. In addition to her rich professional career, she is an active participant in public events and acted before as a judge evaluating “youthingreen” projects organized by the ministry of trade and industry. Eman holds a bachelor degree in marketing and international business from Middlesex University.